Overcoming Fitness Hurdles

Overcoming fitness hurdles is part of everyone’s fitness journey at some point. Whether it be injuries, lack of focus, boredom, lack of time, embarrassment, financial limitations, etc. The list could go on and on. We all will face different difficulties throughout our own journeys. But how do you get over these hurdles and keep moving … Continue reading Overcoming Fitness Hurdles


Creating Healthy Habits

How many times have you told yourself you’re going to do something and then after a short period you eventually fall off? I’m sure majority of us have done it at least once. This could be for anything - big or small. So what does it take to commit to something and truly stick to … Continue reading Creating Healthy Habits

Spooky Circuit

Halloween has come and gone but the candy still lingers. Burn off the candy with this spooky circuit. Turn on the song and get to work! Monster Mash Repeat 3-5 times 10 Graveyard Smash (ball slams) 10 Zombie Runs (sprints) 10 Gravestone Press (shoulder press) 10 Transylvania Twist (ab twists) 10 Creepy Crunches Ghostbusters Repeat … Continue reading Spooky Circuit

Getting Motivated

“All roads that lead to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point” Motivation drives us to make things happen. But sometimes motivation is hard to get and/or keep. Sometimes life just happens and you lose that motivation that once fueled your entire day. Without motivation you will just go through the … Continue reading Getting Motivated

Tips for Healthier Shopping Trips

The food you eat plays a huge role in your fitness journey.  It affects your energy levels, your mood, etc. So whether you are starting a new program or just want to improve your current program, be sure to put some time into the meals you are eating. Time to clean out the unhealthy foods … Continue reading Tips for Healthier Shopping Trips

Creating Balance

“Balance is not something you find; it is something you create” - Jana Kingsford I have always lived my life on the go. From school, to work, to practice, etc. eating dinner on the way to the next appointment. I started at a young age when I was playing sports. My sister and I participated … Continue reading Creating Balance

Four Reasons to Post Gym Selfies

4 Reasons to Post Gym Selfies 1. Share to Stay Accountable Getting started isn’t always easy. Dedication to your new plan is tough at times. There is an easy solution to the dedication factor...SELFIE. Letting others know about your goals will help hold you accountable. When you’ve told hundreds of your followers that you’ve decided … Continue reading Four Reasons to Post Gym Selfies

No such thing as “PERFECT”

There is no such thing as “perfect”. How does one measure perfect? No flaws? Big muscles? Toned muscles? Long hair? Short hair? Blonde? Brunette? 300 thousand followers? 50 followers? I always see others posting on social media that someone is basically on a quest for perfection. They want the perfect body, perfect hair, and/or perfect … Continue reading No such thing as “PERFECT”

Banana Energy Bites

The delicious energy bites are back! After continuously making the original energy bites, I have decided to expand my horizon and try out a new recipe.  I happened to have some bananas that were getting to be very ripe so I thought it would be the perfect time to make a delicious treat. I have … Continue reading Banana Energy Bites

Lettuce Wrap Chicken Tacos

I recently graduated from college and returned home to live with my parents until I can save up enough money for my own place. Until then, I will be enjoying my mother's delicious dinners. My family always tries to improve their overall health through healthy eating and exercise. We all grew up playing sports and my … Continue reading Lettuce Wrap Chicken Tacos