No such thing as “PERFECT”

There is no such thing as “perfect”.

How does one measure perfect? No flaws? Big muscles? Toned muscles? Long hair? Short hair? Blonde? Brunette? 300 thousand followers? 50 followers?

I always see others posting on social media that someone is basically on a quest for perfection. They want the perfect body, perfect hair, and/or perfect life.

But what really is “perfect”? How does one measure “perfection”?

Some have made it a hobby to point out the imperfections of themselves and others. Making a joke or ridiculing themselves and others for not being able to achieve “perfection”.

The truth is “perfection” varies from person to person. My perfect house may be someone else’s least favorite or be extremely different than someone else. Today, perfect tends to mean “NO flaws” but nobody is perfect. Someone may have beautiful eyes, a great job, an amazing spouse but they may struggle or have conflict in other aspects of their lives.

What you see on social media is not always real life. Social media is full of unrealistic, photoshopped photos, diets, etc. People need to realize and understand that “perfection” varies from one person to another. Each individual needs to believe in themselves and achieve their goals so they can have the desired outcomes they feel is best for them.

Your “perfect” can also change as you grow. Be willing to try new experiences and get a taste for something new as it could open new doors for you and open your eyes and your heart to many different things.

Do not worry about being perfect; focus on being you.


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