Protect your spirit from contamination

At some point in our lives, we will face negative attitudes and opinions directed towards us. Our reaction to these attitudes, opinions, beliefs, etc. will help us grow.

Feeding into the negativity and letting it affect us is a negative approach that will only hurt us more in the end. A positive approach is to stay supportive, keep dreaming, continue to work towards your goals and stay motivated.

Unfortunately, some of the most poisonous people can be disguised as friends or family members. Anyone who brings you down or consistently points out your flaws is negative energy. One should surround themselves with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Surrounding yourself with negative energy will only bring you down.

Recently, I was in a situation that showed me something I never thought would be true. While spending time with a group of friends, one of the individuals pointed out something on my social media account and teased me for it. This individual understands what it is like to be made fun of and has dealt with it for some time.

This individual was hurtful and disrespectful. A “friend” should never make fun of your goals and dreams. They should never tease you for your pathway to achieving those goals and making those dreams become reality.

I was hurt at first. But then I looked in the mirror. I told myself that those who put me down will be my motivators.

When dealing with difficult people, you need to respect yourself enough to walk away. Walk away from anyone or anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy. Sometimes in life we need to be selfish. Sometimes we need to step away from the negative energy and realize that everything happens for a reason.

If that person cannot handle your goals and dreams now, they will not like them when they are achieved or become a reality.

Each individual person has a purpose in life. Each individual person is creative and unique in their own way. You may come across people who have similar dreams and others who have dreams that are so much different than your own. That is okay.

We are all unique and special in our own way. Whether or not someone’s dream is similar or different to yours, they can still help you grow. Positivity and support goes a long way in relationships you have with friends and family.

You will come across unsupportive people but you need to stay supportive of yourself and stay motivated in order to achieve success. Do not let the negativity of someone else hinder your success.

Set goals and crush them. Dream big and make it a reality. Keep working and never give up. Protect your spirit from contamination.


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