Finding the balance between life & fitness

I have heard many people fall off their New Year Resolutions and goals because they had trouble balancing their busy lives and the gym.

My response? Make time.

You don’t have to physically go to the gym to get in a good workout. There are many different ways to fit a quick workout into your busy schedule.

You could do at-home workouts, neighborhood runs, or use that treadmill in your basement that has been turned into a drying rack for laundry.

Don’t have time for a long workout and do not know what to do for a quick effective one? Many fitness facilities offer 30 minute classes that are typically offered 3-5 days a week. Attending these classes will allow those struggling to get in with an experienced instructor who can help them through a 30 minute workout.

Some people complain about their time constraints due to their work schedule, kids, spouse, etc. Make time. Get up a little earlier to squeeze in that workout or find time during a break in your day. 

Stay motivated! What some don’t realize is that stronger motivation is a result of outcomes. In order to stay motivated you need to commit to your fitness and minimize the excuses as to why you cannot exercise that day. Some days there will be valid reasons as to why you cannot exercise – sick, injured, etc. But this cannot be a constant excuse to not exercise.  

Set goals and stick to them. These goals will then be achieved and the desired outcome will be reached. After feeling the positivity from the results, one will be much more motivated to continue their process to reach the next goal.


Make time. Set goals. Stay motivated. Find balance. Live a happy healthy life!



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