Day 28: People I would like to meet

img_3377Three people that I would like to meet are Cristina Capron, Lauren Bongiorno, and Faith Leatherman.

All three girls post updates about their fitness journey and provide their followers with advice, tips and tricks. Cristina and Faith both post amazing, inspirational, and motivational videos about their fitness journey. They frequently post videos of different exercises they did and how great they were. They also discuss what area they are working in the particular video.

Lauren is a Health Coach and Yoga Instructor. She also created a Low Glycemic Bar. She always posts photos and videos of different yoga poses with motivational and inspirational captions. Her last caption on a photo of her smiling in a window sill is “Wake up. Sweat. Stretch it out. Repeat. Because when you love what you’re doing, you don’t stop the cycle.” She emphasizes the importance of movement. Movement is medicine. Movement is power. She also posts photos about different exercises you could incorporate into your daily routine to connect your mind and body and to boost your confidence.

Who would you like to meet? Who inspires you?


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