Day 27: One thing I learned about myself last year

learn-yourselfIn the past year I have learned a lot about myself as an individual. I discovered new passions I never knew I had.

I always had a love for training in the gym and helping others reach their goals. Over the past year new passions have risen. I have discovered my passion for nutrition and yoga.

Nutrition slowly made its way into my life and has become a big part it. I have decided I want to become a certified nutritionist along with becoming certified in personal training and group fitness classes. I have always been interested in healthy eating but it has gradually grown into something much more to me.

Yoga has also made its way into my life and has become a big part of it. It all started when I had taken a class (for credit) during the fall semester. I had been interested in taking a yoga class for years but never actually had the confidence to go to a class.

Over the course of semester, the class experienced the different poses of Hatha Yoga. This class helped me connect my mind and body on a different level; learn how to practice yoga and meditation, and to become more flexible.

I truly loved learning new things about myself in the past year and I cannot wait to learn more!


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