Day 26: Turning a Setback into a Comeback

tumblr_mle4lt1siv1qm99efo1_500We are all going to face challenges throughout our life. It’s part of life. I am currently dealing with a setback in my own life. But I refuse to let it keep me back. Although, my activities have been limited I still find ways to incorporate exercise into my life. I will not let this injury hold me back.

Turning a setback into a comeback can be difficult but it is such a rewarding feeling making the comeback. In order to make the comeback you must remain focused on your goals and vision, do something about it, and stay persistent, committed and dedicated.

Focus on your goals and visions. Keep your goals and visions in mind when working towards a comeback. Keeping them in mind will not only keep you motivated but to also keep you focused and driven. No matter what challenges you are facing, never lose sight of your goals.

Do something about it! It will never be a comeback unless you work for it. When you have a setback you have to put in even more effort in order to be successful.

Stay persistent, committed and dedicated. Nothing will get done unless you work for it. But working for it will not measure up if you are not persistent, committed and dedicate. You may lose focus on your goals when dealing with a setback. Refocus and figure out what you are going to do about it. After making that decision you must stick to it.

Keep your goals in mind and stay focused on them. Don’t let road blocks stop you from reaching the final destination.


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