Day 25: Staying Patient

patience-is-a-virtueWhen you start off on a new journey, it is important to remain patient. No matter what your goals are, it will take time and effort in order to reach that goal. Some goals take more time and more effort than others so you must be more patient.

The road to reaching your goals will not always be easy. When things become difficult you must remember to take time to focus on your breathing. Relax your muscles and just focus on the inhalations and exhalations.

Try not to get too wrapped up in reaching your goals that you don’t give yourself a break. Especially in the fitness world, your body needs time to recover from a tough workout so you need to remember to treat yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, spa day, or a meditation session.

Enjoy yourself. Don’t overwhelm yourself to the point you cannot treat or reward yourself for working hard. Don’t overwhelm yourself to the point you begin to hinder your achievements. Make it fun! If your workout routine is becoming monotonous, switch it up. Have you been sticking to a strict meal plan? Give yourself a treat. You deserve it.

Don’t lose sight of the big picture. Although your goal seem far out of reach just keeping working hard and making progress. Keep the big picture in mind and determine new ways to work towards your goals. Stay motivated and stay great!


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