Day 24: Morning Routine


As an ‘early bird’ I love getting up and starting my day at or before sunrise. I feel like my day has been borderline wasted if I stay in bed too long.

My morning routine starts when my alarm goes off and I begin to create a to do list in my head. I take time for myself to use the bathroom, brush my teeth and get dressed.morning

When this is all completed, I write down my to do list in my planner. I like to have my to do list set and written down to determine what will get completed and when based off my schedule for the day. I like to get it in my head as soon as I wake up so I can get an idea of what my schedule looks like that particular day.

After I have my to do list organized, I figure out the times in which I can fit my ‘to dos’ into my overall schedule and plans for the day.

Once this is completed I am set and ready to go. I’ll enjoy some breakfast and then begin my day.

I like to get my workouts done early in the morning so I typically head straight to the gym to get a nice workout in to start my day the right way!

How do you like to start your mornings? Early bird or night owl? Either way you need to start your mornings right! Plan ahead and be prepared for what needs to be completed that day. Look at your goals as a constant reminder to keep working hard at whatever you’re doing. Set yourself up for success.


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