Day 23: Exercise as a Stress Relief

fullsizerenderGetting in a good work out is guaranteed to put some pep in my step for the day. Exercise is known to pump up your endorphins. Exercise can help increase the production of these endorphins.

Exercise gives you the time to step away from the craziness of my day to day life and focus on improving myself. It gives me the opportunity to grow as an individual and better myself.

Running/jogging in particular is one of my favorite stress relievers. I am by no means a “good runner” but it is nice to be able to just lace up your shoes and take off. If I am stressed or feeling a lot of pressure, I can go outside and just run until I feel like stopping. I can look at the beautiful surroundings and let my mind wander. I no longer feel the pressure of whatever it is life is throwing at me during that time but it all just freezes for the time being.

Running outside helps me a lot more than running on a treadmill. When I run on a treadmill most of the time I spend looking at the clock like… “okay, I got 20 minutes left, that’s two ten minute halves, so I just have to get through five minutes four times.”

But when I am running outside, it is basically just run until I feel like stopping. Or give myself a time limit. If I have to be back by 2:00, I’ll take off and set an alarm for maybe 1:45, 1:55, and another at 1:58 so I know it is time to start heading back.

Exercise helps me blow off steam. If I am frustrated, I am able to escape to the gym and focus solely on the workout. I will be able to increase my intensity and zone in to whatever it is I am doing.

The gym or exercise area is a positive environment so it is nice to be able to control the outcome of my workout, feel confident, and minimize my stress levels all at once.


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