Day 22: Five Cravings Difficult to Resist

Craving: a powerful desire for something.

We all have cravings that are difficult to resist. When eating healthy, there are a few techniques I use to stop myself from giving in to my cravings.

A few ways to avoid cravings are drink more water, eat more protein (stay fuller longer), distance myself from the food I’m craving, and plan ahead.

Whenever I would have to fast for blood work, I would drink iA meditator begins to crave cake.ce cold water all morning. The ice cold water would make my stomach contract and would trick my mind into thinking I was not very hungry. This works when dealing with cravings too. If I see cookies downstairs, I may choose to put a few more ice cubes in my water in hopes of tricking myself.

Protein tends to fill me up very quickly so if I choose to drink a protein shake it will quickly fill me up and I will not want to snack on foods I should not be eating.

Distancing myself from the food is the easiest way out. I know the unhealthy foods I tend to crave so I simply do not buy any. If I am craving cookies or brownies while food shopping, I either avoid the aisle completely or tell myself I do not have enough money to get what I need and the craving foods.

Planning ahead is the most helpful way to avoid cravings. Check out my post Meal Prepping. When I meal prep, I know that I have meals planned out for me. I do not want that food to go bad so I tell myself if I eat the craving food rather than the snacks I have planned the food will be wasted and so will the money and time spent on the prep.

Five cravings that I find difficult to resist are cookies, brownies, pizza, French fries and chocolate. Sweets of all kinds will catch my attention.

I have noticed these cravings borderline disappear when I am consistently working very hard in the gym. If I take a few days off, I notice myself starting to slack on my meals.

For me personally, healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. If I am committed to one, my commitment to the other will be just as strong. Get yourself on a healthy routine and commit to it! You got this!


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