Day 19: Healthy Eating vs. Dieting

For years people have been raving about weight loss and the different ways to achieve their goal weight. Personally, I hate the word diet. Whenever I hear “diet” I think of some unhealthy routine of starving yourself and lacking the necessary nutrients to be a healthy individual. It’s just not right.

Weight loss is not accomplished “quick and easy.” If you want something you need to work for it. Earn it. These “quick fixes” are unhealthy and do not last. If something like quick, easy and drastic weight loss results sounds too good to be true, it probably is.6b43db14d0e71bc2d69c04923d431f70

A fad diet promises quick weight loss through an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. These diets typically target people who want to lose the weight quick without exercising. Most of the time when these diets end the weight is gained back quicker than it was lost.

Rather than looking for a quick fix, commit yourself to healthy eating. If your plan is not doable for the long term it is not worth following.

Rather than looking for a quick fix, look for a way to improve your health by improving the quality of the foods you eat. Don’t focus on the different restrictions the fad diets force. Focus on an eating program that fuels you with nutrient dense foods that will improve your overall health. Foods should only be restricted or eliminated if they do not have any nutritional value or they hinder your commitment to healthy eating.

Committing yourself to healthy eating gives you the chance to make your own choices with your food choices. Diets usually tell you exactly what to eat and drink and when to do so. But when you take the healthy eating route you will be able to eat what you want to eat and when you wish to do so.

You will also feel much prouder and accomplished with healthy eating because YOU are in control. You are the one deciding which foods you wish to eat. You are in complete control of how much weight you lose and at your own pace. You make all of the final choices. It is normal to want to educate yourself before committing to it but in the end you are the one making the final decision to eat healthier. You can give yourself the credit you deserve for accomplishing your goal.

Focus on eating well so you can be well.


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