Day 17: Defining and Owning Insecurities

insecureWe all have our own insecurities. It is part of life. It is how you handle and deal with your insecurities that matter.

Defining your insecurities is the first step. What are you insecure about? What makes you feel uncertain about yourself? Why do you have a lack of confidence? Once you are able to define and accept your insecurities you will be able to own them.

Owning your insecurities is step two. You may not be able to change some of your insecurities so you should embrace them. In my last post, Love Yourself, I talked about how important it is to love who you are and your uniqueness as an individual. Rather than being uncertain about a particular trait or skill (or lack thereof) embrace it and turn it into a positive.

In Love Yourself, I also talked about writing down positive things. Rather than giving yourself anxiety over your insecurities, focus on the good. Accept and own your insecurities to turn them into positives.

What are three things you are really good at?

What are three things you really love doing?

What are three things that you love about the people in your life and why?

For example, I am really good with my time management; I really love seeing new places; something I love about the people in my life is how supportive they are because I know I will never have to face anything completely alone as I have an army of strong individuals surrounding me to support me and believe in my abilities.

Turn any of the negative thoughts or insecurities into positive beliefs. Make the most out of every opportunity and take on any challenges that try to halt your success.

Honor your strengths and others. If someone is good at something you aren’t then give them credit for it! Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. You may be great at something that someone else is not very good at.

My friend, Lisa, is really good at bench press. I struggle with bench pressing but she is always there to spot me and motivate me to be successful. Her goal may be a heavier weight than mine but that is a strength of hers and I commend her for that.

Focus on what you CAN do, not what you can’t do. Focus on the good. Support the good in yourself and others. Love yourself.


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