Day 16: Love Yourself

img_3277I see the posts and hashtags popping up but then quickly disappearing. They boldly state, “Love Yourself.” But why does it continue to disappear for a bit? Loving yourself is one of the most selfless things you can do. By loving yourself you are setting an example to those around you.

By loving yourself you are confident, you are proud, you keep promises to yourself, you are passionate and you are loving. By loving yourself you can empower those around you through your confidence. Others will see your confidence and they will be inspired!

Be proud of who you are. You are a unique individual and there are special qualities you have that others do not. Embrace those special qualities and embrace your uniqueness. Love your qualities and appreciate yourself.

Celebrate and nourish yourself. Celebrate the different things about yourself. If you are creative or love to write celebrate and nourish that ability. Even if it is something as simple as loving to get dressed up or loving to do your make-up – celebrate that and nourish it! Do what makes you happy and do it often.

Keep promises to yourself. Honor your own word no matter what it is. If you want to give yourself a break, stick to your word. If you want to eat more healthy or go to bed earlier, stick to your word. Keep yourself accountable.

Speak with love. Avoid the negativity and the complaints. Surround yourself with positivity and positive motivation. Being surrounded by negative people will bring me down quickly. But if I am with one or two people who are positive, the negativity surrounding us never touches us. Positivity is strong that negativity. Be strong and be positive.

There are many different ways to go about loving yourself. One way is to keep a journal. Each morning write down a positive word or sentence you feel you will be able to incorporate into your day or week. For example, if I were to write down confidence, I could simply look in the mirror and point out what makes me beautiful. If I were to look into a mirror the first thing I would admire is my eyes. Blue is my favorite color and I love having blue eyes.

Other ways to go about loving yourself are to do whatever it is that makes you happy. Read, explore, relax and unwind. You could also try meditation. Give yourself 5(+) minutes to sit/lay down and focus on your breathing. Then visualize yourself and the positive qualities you have. Flush any of the negative thoughts.

Loving yourself is an uplifting experience. Loving myself has made me happier, stronger, and more confident!


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