Day 13: Motivation

motivationMotivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving a certain way. Motivation can either be really easy or really difficult to find. It may be difficult but it is necessary to continue a healthy lifestyle.

On those tough mornings where you just want to sleep longer or just lay there all day is when the motivation needs to kick in and force you out of bed. It is easy to be motivated when the weather is gorgeous and the sun is shining bright. (At least that’s how it is for me.)

My best tips for getting motivated and staying motivated are creating a schedule and sticking to it, setting goals, crushing them, and then setting more, and make it enjoyable.

Creating a schedule & sticking to it:

Creating a schedule always helps me stick to whatever it is I am trying to achieve. Whether it be meals for the week, exercise, or homework having a schedule is crucial to my success.

I discussed meal prepping in my previous post – this is my way of scheduling meals for the week. One does not have to physically make the meals for the week on a particular day(s) to create a schedule. You could simply write down what you would like to make on particular days of the week. This is especially helpful when you are trying to eat healthier. By planning ahead, it will be easier to avoid grabbing fast food on the go.

Creating a workout schedule is mandatory for me or I won’t get things done the way I like to. I do not like wandering around the gym to the different machines for individual body parts. I like to have a set schedule of what I will be training on each day of the week (and rest days) and also what exercises I will be performing. If I do not have set rest days and training days, I may end up taking more rest days than I would like to (lacking motivation), or train a particular area more than others. By creating a schedule for myself I can track the exercise, the weight I used, the sets and reps, and how long I have been on that particular routine.

Set goals, crush them, and set more:

Goals have a very important connection to motivation. Without goals, you will not be motivated to do whatever it is you want to achieve. If there is a very big goal you wish to achieve but lack the motivation, hang a poster or a note card where you can see it every day.

I previously wrote my goal on a big piece of poster paper and hung it above my bed that way it was the first thing I saw in the morning when I woke up and the last thing I saw at night before I went to bed. I have also written a goal on a note card and stuck it to my mirror so I constantly saw it.

There are different ways to constantly remind yourself of your goals to help motivate you to achieve them. Once they are achieved, create new ones and crush them.

Make it enjoyable:

You will never want to get things done if it isn’t enjoyable. If the process to reach your goals is fun you will be more likely to want to work for it. One of my goals it to build muscle so I like to give myself “fun/mix it up days” to give my body a break from the normal routine. This different workout makes things fun and interesting while still working hard towards my goal.

Without the proper motivation it will be difficult to get things going and achieve what you want to achieve. Find what motivates you and let it fuel your mission to reach your goals!


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