Day 10: What do I do to break routine?

Breaking a workout routine:

It is recommended to switch up your workout routine every so often for better results. I like to switch up my routine every 4-6 weeks. Even if it’s as simple as adding in two – three new exercises and taking out two – three old ones.

I tend to stick to the same schedule when it comes to training a particular body part on a particular day of the week. This is kept the same usually because of my other lifting sessions that way I am not overworking one part of my body and not having time to train another.

Switching up a workout routine can either be done by adding and removing different exercises or switching up the routine entirely. For example, I like to set a day during each week to “mix it up”. So on Saturday I give myself different options. One Saturday I may choose to do a HIIT circuit. But after a tough week I may feel run down and decide to do a nice yoga session to give my body a bit of break and stretch out. I could also do a more intense yoga session to train my muscles in a different way.

Having a variety in your workouts are important because your muscles will be able to experience different movements and will not fall into a complete muscle memory phase where it is much harder to improve.

Breaking a meal routine:

I tend to fall into the routine of sticking to the basics. And by basics I mean chicken and vegetables. When I am lazy and do not feel with coming/looking up new recipes or trying something different, I head for the chicken and vegetables. Although, there are different ways to spice up the same old chicken and veggies. I like to add breadcrumbs to the chicken or simply get different vegetables.

When I notice I have been eating the same/similar meal for a few days I try to switch it up by eating something I may not always have time for or something I’ve really been craving. I also tend to search through Pinterest for different recipes and ideas to spice up my meals.

I am a big fan of eating leftovers so I tend to make enough food for dinner that will also serve as lunch the next day. Although this gets boring, it is useful when on a busy schedule.

Another way I like to break my meal routine up is to plan ahead. It is helpful to write down what you are going to eat for the week. You could even buy a little notepad that has the different days of the week on each sheet so you can write in a different meal for each day. The process of planning ahead will help you make sure you have everything you need to make each of the meals for that week. And if you decide last minute that you’re just going to eat out, then you can save that meal for another day, week, etc.

Breaking routine can be fun! Try new workouts, exercises, or recipes. This experience will not only help you mix it up but it will also help you learn new things.


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