Day 8: Favorite Books

As a child, my mother and I would always read the Magic Tree House books together. As I grew up, I stopped reading as much. But when I do get my hands on a good book, I find it difficult to put down. Some of my favorite books include the Insiders, Crank Trilogy by Ellen Hopkins, and How Successful People Grow.

The Insiders has been one of my favorite books since I was in middle school. It was body_readinga required reading for one of my classes and I loved every second of it. I highlighted different parts of each chapter and took notes of important parts. I still have a copy of the book and will read it over and over again.

The Crank Trilogy was recommended by a friend when I was in high school. I have always been interested in books involving murders, mysteries, drug addictions, etc. The Crank Series is three different books – Crank, Glass, and Fall Out – each one based around the main character, Kristina. Each book tells the story of Kristina and her family and the ups and downs they encounter.

A friend of mine had posted about how much she loved How Successful People Grow in the fall. I had contacted her about the book and she highly recommended it. Author, John Maxwell, discusses the different ways to help a person grow. He teaches the Law of the Mirror, the Law of Awareness, the Law of Modeling, the Law of the Rubber Band, and the Law of Contribution. I have not completely finished reading this but so far it has opened my eyes. It helps you see things in a different perspective and really think deeper about certain aspects of your life. I feel as if it has helped me grow already and I haven’t even completed the book.

I highly recommend all three of these books. The Outsiders is a classic that I believe is a must read for everyone. The Crank Series is intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat. How Successful People Grow is a book highly recommended for people who can have a positive impact on others and wish to have a positive outlook on their own life.

If anyone has any other good books – please let me know! I’m looking for a new read!


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