Day 7: Where I Will Be In Five Years

Five years down the road, I will be mid twenties and (hopefully) have many of my goals accomplished. I should have at least three of my fitness certifications and maybe even a Master’s Degree. I will have started my career in the fitness industry and will have moved out of my parent’s house.untitled

As I sit here stumped to continue writing, I realized that I don’t know where I will be in five years. I have plans, goals, and dreams but I cannot pinpoint the exact location/situation. I will be spending the next five years of my life making plans, achieving my goals, and chasing my dreams.

This post has made me really think back about the past five years. How I have grown, the new people I have met, the ups and the downs. I have made many improvements in my health over the past five years and it has really helped me prepare for my next five. Five years ago there were negative people in my life who only tried to pull me down with them. Four years ago I broke free. I went away to college and met a great group of people. Three years ago I became stronger and more independent. Two years ago I overcame different obstacles that taught me important life lessons. Last year, things started falling into place. All the difficult lessons learned over the years started to make sense. Each piece that has fallen into place and is starting to fall into place are all connecting and working into one big picture.

I am really looking forward to the next five years.


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