Day 5: 5 Current Goals

  1. Build muscle

I have always had a smaller figure. In high school, I had the “thigh gap” and was always very skinny. But I still hated the way I looked. I did not like the “thigh gap” trend as it was a constant reminder of how those around me questioned whether or not I had an eating disorder. I did not have a disorder and I was not sick; I just had a very fast metabolism and still do. During my freshman year of college, I worked out a lot more than I ever had. I put on about 30 pounds of muscle and loved it. I felt healthier and was definitely much stronger. I no longer had the “thigh gap” and was a lot leaner. Ever since, I have focused on gaining more muscle.goal

2. Eat Better

I tend to go through stages where I eat really healthy for a few weeks and then I let myself get off track and I snack on things I shouldn’t and I don’t eat right. My last post was 10 of my favorite healthy foods. While trying to decide which recipes to post, I found myself looking at different recipes and saving them for my cookbook. Now that the holidays are over, my goal is to cut down my sugar intake and to up the vegetable and protein intake. Chicken and veggies have always been one of my favorite meals but it can get boring after awhile. So as part of my goal to eat better, I will be mixing up my meals to keep it interesting while learning new healthy recipes. So if any of you have a healthy recipe that you love, please share it with me!

3. Drink more water

My sister walks around with a water bottle all day long. She drinks water all day long. I tend to drink a glass of water then switch to iced tea, then drink juice a bit later, and then maybe go back to water again. I need to get on track better with my water intake. A friend of mine had been raving about her Hydroflask. She brought it EVERYWHERE she went. So finally, after months of hearing about this amazing water bottle, I bought one. Mine is a beautiful blue color. You can check out a picture on my Instagram. It is a 32 oz insulated water bottle so it keeps my water ice cold all day long. After using it for a bit, I now understand the hype. I drink a lot more water now that I have a nice water bottle. My goal is to drink more water than I was previously. At one point it would take me all day to finish the 32 oz bottle. My goal is to drink 2-2.5x more.

4. Grow my online presence

My goal for myself it to be more active on my social media accounts. I have a Link Fitness Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and this blog. The purpose of the 30 day challenge was to share information about myself, my journey and my goals, but to also work on my writing skills and develop a schedule for my posts. I hope to have my YouTube channel within the next few weeks. My YouTube channel will include videos of workouts, meals, apparel, and more! Be sure to subscribe! I also hope to gain more followers on all social media platforms to develop my online presence. My hope is to one day offer workout plans. Along with workout plans, I hope to one day be able to offer meal plans after learning more about nutrition. By growing my online presence, I will be given the opportunity to have a positive impact on more people.

5. Get a job after graduation

With graduation approaching quickly, it’s time to begin looking for jobs. I hope to be able to work with different clients whether it is at a local gym or as a strength and conditioning coach of a collegiate team. I have also considered continuing my education and getting my Masters Degree in Nutrition. If I do decide to go back to school, I hope to get a Graduate Assistant position to gain experience while continuing my education. I will be graduating in May, so if anyone knows of any open positions that relate to my skill set please contact me!


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