Day 3: My Dream Job

My dream job is in-depth and if, one day, I am able to achieve even half of this I will be extremely proud.

One of my goals is to become certified in the many different aspects of the fitness industry. These aspects include personal trainer, group fitness instructor, yoga instructor, aerobics instructor, etc. I also hope to expand my knowledge in nutrition.img_3165-2

After receiving my certifications I hope to be able to work with different individuals, groups or teams to help improve their fitness abilities. Working with a softball team would be ideal so I can give back to the sport that has taught me so much over the years.

These certifications will (hopefully) lead me to my number one goal – owning my own fitness facility. The facility will offer a variety of different equipment, classes and opportunities for people to better themselves physically and mentally.

I hope to be able to promote my skills and facility through the use of social media. I will sell fitness plans and offer a variety of meal plans/recipes.

The opportunity to have a positive impact on the health of another person is my main goal in life and will make my job that much better.

Starting my own fitness business has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I hope to start my future by graduating with a degree in Sport Management in May 2017. Stay tuned!


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