Day 2: My Fitness Journey

It all started when I was in high school. It was my junior year so I was 16-17 years old. I had played sports my entire life so I was used to the active lifestyle.

I had been dealing with drama (like every other high school student) and had very negative thoughts about who I was and how I looked. My best friend had been very into working out so I decided it was my time to start lifting with her.

The two of us would go to the gym constantly. We always asked friends and searched online for recommended exercises for particular body parts. We were constantly switching up our ab routines which truly pimg_3150aid off.

Shortly after starting, I noticed my body changing. I was a very slim individual to begin with but I could see my stomach becoming flatter and my arms and legs toning. The physical changes weren’t nearly as rewarding as the mental benefits.

Mentally, I felt stronger, healthier and happier. I had a better outlook on myself, my body, and my life. Little things were no longer bothering me and I slowly learned not to care what others thought.

When I was stressed or upset, the gym was my escape. It gave me the opportunity to put in my headphones and get in my zone. I was able to focus on myself while bettering myself.

It taught me to focus on myself and not to be concerned with what others thought about me. Each person is entitled to their own opinion and I accept that. If someone had a negative opinion about me, I just asked they kept it to themselves as I do not care for their negativity. If it made me happy, why did others care? I was not affecting them by being proud of my growth. Those around me did not feel the benefits I personally felt.

I have dedicated myself to my overall health through healthy eating habits and proper and consistent exercise. Fitness has changed my life; I hope to help others change theirs through fitness.



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