Blogging Challenge Day 1: 20 Facts

I know this is a day late but this weekend’s travel got the best of me!

  1. I am 21 years old
  2. I have played softball for 16 years and I am heading into my final season
  3. I have one younger sister
  4. I have been 5’7” since I was 14
  5. I am a Leisure and Sport Studies/Sport Management Major and Coaching Minor
  6. I want to learn more about nutrition, health and wellness.
  7. I love dogs
  8. Blue is my favorite colorimg_1365-2
  9. I lived in PA for the first 7 years of my life, then moved to NJ
  10. I have an amazing relationship with my parents
  11. I’m obsessed with elephants
  12. I would be lost without my planner/calendar
  13. I have had 2 concussions, 1 broken bone, and have a partially torn talofibular ligament.
  14. I have wanted to train people/teams since I was a freshman in high school
  15. I care a lot about my grades and my education
  16. I recently started practicing yoga for a class and fell in love with it immediately
  17. I am always looking for new ways to become a better me
  18. I am average height but my legs are very long (probably like 70% leg, 30% upper body) I’m very unproportional!
  19. Christmas is my favorite holiday
  20. I like to read murder mysteries

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