30 Day Blogging Challenge

Starting January 1st I will be doing a 30 Day Blog Challenge! I will be using this opportunity to share some information about myself, my journey, and my goals.

I will be able to practice my writing skills, share some things about myself, and hopefully have an impact on a reader in a positive manner.

The schedule will require me to post a different topic each day for 30 days. The topics will include:

  1. 20 facts about me
  2. My fitness journey
  3. My dream job
  4. 5 current goals
  5. 10 favorite healthy foods
  6. 3 healthy habits
  7. Where I will be in 5 years
  8. Favorite books
  9. A habit I wish I didn’t have
  10. What do I do to break routine?
  11. Self-esteem
  12. Meal prepping
  13. Motivational speech
  14. Why I enjoy getting up early
  15. Eating, drinking and thinking
  16. Love yourself
  17. Defining insecurities
  18. Trying new things
  19. Healthy eating vs. dieting
  20. Facing barriers
  21. Dear body, I love you because…
  22. Five cravings that are hard to resist
  23. Running to clear my head/exercise as a stress relief
  24. Morning routine
  25. Staying patient
  26. Turning a setback into a comeback
  27. One thing I learned about myself last year
  28. A person/people I would like to meet
  29. Five things to do more often
  30. Becoming the best version of myself


Share your blogging challenges with me!


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