Getting Fit and Staying Fit During the Holidays with Jeff Rizzo

Jeff Rizzo, Founder and CEO of Rizknows, shares high-quality, concise, and helpful reviews about health and fitness. In each video review there are several contributors. Contributors include professional athletes, entrepreneurs, personal trainers, coaches

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and more.

In the video, Top 10 Holiday Health & Fitness Tips // Get Fit & Stay Fit during the Holidays, Rizzo talks about getting fit and staying fit during the holidays rather than starting fresh on Jan. 1.

His first tip is to be picky when eating. Select the things that only look really good rather than a little bit of everything. Being selective will help avoiding eating too much.

Tip two is to fill up on protein. By eating more meat and vegetables, you will not be selecting as much dessert.

Tip number three is to avoid drinking calories. Choose water, coffee, or tea rather than high calorie drinks.

The fourth tip is to try not to drink a lot of alcohol. Alcohol will impair short term judgment and could result in more food consumption.

Tip five is to indulge a little. It is acceptable to eat some of the cake or pie, but do not eat all of it. It is okay to eat desserts in moderation.

Tip number six is to slow down. When eating, enjoy the conversations at the table. Enjoying the conversations will help one eat slower. This will result in eating less and feeling fuller quicker.

Tip seven is an undercover tip. Wear tighter fitting clothing to avoid eating too much. Wearing tight fitting clothing will result in feeling bloated quicker. It is a secret mind trick that nobody in the room would notice.

Tip eight is to stop standing around the buffet area. Get the food and return to your seat to avoid picking at the food.

Tip number nine is to carry gum or mints. After you finish eating, chew some gum or eat a mint to get the nice refreshing taste. This may help you avoid eating more.

The final tip is to find time to work out. This could be done by simply going for a walk after a meal. Getting up and moving throughout day will help you stay active.

These ten tips to get fit and stay fit during the holidays are easy to do and will be beneficial in the long run. It is tempting to eat all of the delicious food offered but being selective and thoughtful towards choices will pay off.

Being selective is important because if I am trying to stay fit, I may choose to have more vegetables and meats rather than saving room for dessert. Although I allow myself to indulge in the desserts, I try to get the most out of the dinner. Filling up on meats and vegetables will also help me fill up on protein.

Water is my preferred drink of choice. It keeps me hydrated and does not have any calories. Avoiding alcohol during the holidays allows me to make smarter (and healthier) choices rather than allowing my impaired short term judgment to take control.

I have always been a slow eater, so when I am surrounded by family members I have not seen in awhile I eat considerably slower. I am distracted by the conversations and stories and tend not to finish my plate.

The “food baby” is when one’s stomach sticks out and is caused by eating a large amount of food. I tend to wear looser clothing during the holidays to hide the food baby but if I wear tighter clothing I may be able to play a mind trick on myself and keep myself from overeating.

Standing by the buffet area can be difficult to avoid when there are so many family members and so few seats. I try to keep myself away from the buffet so I do not pick at food. Unfortunately, the hosts tend to strategically place food in particular rooms so it is very difficult to avoid.

I have tried using gum and mints to stop myself from eating more and majority of the time it works. During the holidays it becomes much more difficult because of the wonderful aromas swirling around the house. The smell of freshly baked cookies or pumpkin pie makes it much harder to resist the dessert table.

Planning ahead has always helped me stay fit during the holidays. Keeping active however possible is beneficial but I tend to work on a strict schedule. I prefer to work out early mornings so if I am able to plan ahead, I can get my work out in and still enjoy the holidays with my family.

Getting fit and staying fit can be challenging during the holidays but hard work and dedication will keep me on the right path to success.



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