Acai Acai!

Acai (ah-sigh-ee) Bowls are the new trend taking over the country with their sweet flavor and positive nutritional aspect. A fruit rich in antioxidants, Acai berries are the perfect addition to a healthy fruit smoothie.

Studies have shown Acai berries provide many health benefits including heart health, promote skin health, aid in digestion, and boost the immune system and energy levels.

According to Dr. Edward Group III, the antioxidant-rich fruit can aid in lowering cholesterol levels. Research shows the berry is also rich in plant sterols that prevent blood clots, improves overall IMG_2145.JPGblood circulation, and relaxes the blood vessels.

Many skin care products are including Acai oils because of the positive benefits. Acai is highly moisturizing, suitable for all skin types, and can improve skin complexion. It also makes hair softer and healthier.

Similar to other types of berries, Acai can help keep our digestive system clean and functioning properly. The berry is a well-known source of dietary fiber.

Boosted immune system and energy levels can be achieved with the help of Acai. It is very high in Vitamin C which will help the immune system. The overall health benefits of Acai relate back to the possibility of boosted energy levels. It has the potential to increase levels of stamina and energy.

Acai berries are a healthy addition to a fruit smoothie or bowl. Acai Bowls are a mixture of Acai berry puree, frozen and fresh fruit and other small ingredients depending on the type of bowl you are looking for. Three Acai bowl recipes can be found here.


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